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Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves


I have a wishlist (yes, an actual physical list on a folded sheet of lined notebook paper) of design features I dream of having in my future home. One thing at the top of that list is built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

They instantly make a room feel homey, comfortable and inviting. Their height and amount of wall real estate they take up also make the space feel like your own little library. Not to mention they are a great conversation starter. I currently have two large bookshelves in my apartment and whenever friends come over, that’s the first area they gravitate towards. They browse the book titles, make comments about books they’ve also read and ask questions about the small knick-knacks that break up the stacks.

So, until the day I have my very own built-in bookshelves, I’ll just continue to collect books that will one day be organized floor-to-ceiling.









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DIY Copper Hanging Grid Divider

This past September I moved into a studio apartment – the first studio apartment I have lived in. A big design challenge was finding a way to separate my “bedroom” area from my living area.

A bookshelf wall acts as the main divider between the two spaces, but I still wasn’t crazy about walking into my apartment and having my bed be right there. I knew I wanted some sort of a divider between my bed and front door, but I didn’t want it to feel too closed off or to be an eye-sore. After having no luck finding anything online and in stores that would accomplish the look I was going for, I decided to create something!


A Pop of Color

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I’m drawn to neutral colors when it comes to interior spaces. I feel neutrals help to make a space feel more open, and less cluttered. But, I also love unexpected pops of color. It adds a fun element to the space, and helps to bring life to a room without over doing it.

Here are some spaces that utilize the pop of color perfectly.