A Pop of Color

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I’m drawn to neutral colors when it comes to interior spaces. I feel neutrals help to make a space feel more open, and less cluttered. But, I also love unexpected pops of color. It adds a fun element to the space, and helps to bring life to a room without over doing it.

Here are some spaces that utilize the pop of color perfectly.



On Tuesday I turned the big 2-5. I took the day off of work, went to happy hour with friends, and saw the musical Hamilton (eeep!). Safe to say it was a good birthday.

Now that the celebrations are over though, I’m thinking about what I want out of this next year. My New Year’s resolutions that I just made in January have already fallen flat (aka I’ve made it to the gym twice this year); so I’ve decided to create a new set of goals for my 25th year. First thing on that list is to document more.

So, here it goes.

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