An Ode to Dorothy Draper


Upon entering the Greenbrier, America’s historic resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV, you are immediately overwhelmed — in a good way. Rich in history, color and pattern, your eye can’t help but bounce from room to room, unable to soak in all of the details fast enough. During my first visit, I found myself wandering the halls and rooms for hours, entranced by interior designer Dorothy Draper‘s designs.

“At the Greenbrier she [Dorothy Draper] concentrated on the three basic ingredients she thought essential to any decorating job: masses of beautiful color, a sense of balance and scale, and an awareness and love of smart accessories,” says Robert Conte.

dd tile

Image via.

dd blue

Image via.

Mission accomplished, Dorothy.

Mixing colors and patterns I never would have thought to do on my own, I find myself turning to images of Dorothy’s Greenbrier designs for inspiration. In my favorite room, the Victorian Writing Room, bright reds and deep greens are paired alongside punchy floral fabrics in perfect harmony.

Here are a few pieces you could implement to capture Dorothy’s ‘three basic ingredients’ found at the Greenbrier, but with a modern twist.

Living room image: Cup of Jo. Rug: Doris Leslie Blau. Table: Target. Vase: Etsy. Pillow: Houzz.

Top image via.


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