DIY Copper Hanging Grid Divider

This past September I moved into a studio apartment – the first studio apartment I have lived in. A big design challenge was finding a way to separate my “bedroom” area from my living area.

A bookshelf wall acts as the main divider between the two spaces, but I still wasn’t crazy about walking into my apartment and having my bed be right there. I knew I wanted some sort of a divider between my bed and front door, but I didn’t want it to feel too closed off or to be an eye-sore. After having no luck finding anything online and in stores that would accomplish the look I was going for, I decided to create something!


The openness and lightness of the grid screen allows it to not feel overwhelming or bulky and it creates a simple division of space when you first enter the apartment.IMG_8684

Here’s what you’ll need for one panel:


Use the Just For Copper solderless bonding to secure each of the fittings to the  1′ rods, then tie two strings of the invisible hanging wire to the top of each panel. Attach the cup hooks to the ceiling and hang each panel.

I then tied thin string across a few of the squares and attached various cards and pictures using clothespins to give the divider a little more… personality 🙂




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